Ormskirk Golf Club

Dress Code and Mobile Phones

Dress Code

ON THE COURSE – Please wear smart golf clothing - this is essential. Golf shoes are to be worn and any shorts should be tailored.

LEAVING THE COURSE – Please remove hats and waterproof clothing in the locker rooms, as they are not allowed in the main Clubhouse. Cleaned golf shoes may be worn in the Golfer’s Lounge (previously known as the mixed lounge).

IN THE CLUBHOUSE – Smart casual/golf dress is acceptable in all areas of the clubhouse, at all times, except when attending a function where more formal dress may be required.

Our general principle is that Members, their Guests and Visitors are smartly attired and adhere to the appropriate code of the day.

Inappropriate clothing, for example: denim jeans, tracksuits, cargo pants, uncovered t-shirts, flip-flops or similar are not permitted. 

Mobile Telephones -


Use is permitted on the golf course to measure distance only (Sat Nav technology).

Use of a mobile telephone or any device that measures other conditions such as wind speed, gradient, temperature etc is prohibited by the R and A.

Telephone calls may be made in case of emergency.


The use of mobile telephones is allowed in all bars and lounges (BUT NOT in the dining room) for all applications EXCEPT telephone calls, which can be made in the locker rooms or car park. The sound must be on mute/vibrate at all times and the use of ear pieces is NOT allowed.

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